Frequently asked questions Where is the data center located ?
1.1. Our data center penetration is in Europe and partners are located, Europe, America and Asia, where we partner with anti-fraud, our next network server to which we manage the mining network connection is located under the European Guest International connection of Cyprus. When the new year 2020 we will operate networked services Shape Shift Mining.


    What is the difference between network cloud link mining and ordinary cloud ?

2.2. Shape Shift Mining cloud network connection.
2.2. It is our Cloud hosting of a network data center without hardware, which is via the Internet, which includes a continuous high-speed Internet connection of our center, which we then connect to launch our software that connects us to blockchain and bitcoin network and pool mining, including data center in Europe, America and Asia. Depending on the crypto currency - Bitcoin, Etherum, Bitcoin cash, on which you have concluded a contract on our website Shape Shift Mining. When at this stage a profit is made and the more interconnections the greater the profits, without electrical hardware charge and hardware centers. When the profit is stable until the end of the contract.

2.3. Ordinary cloud mining competition.
2.3. Is it a hardware center or 1 machine hardware that generates little profit and profit instability according to currency exchange rates or electricity charges or depending on either fraud or excuses and similar specific companies like genesis, eobot, etc ... when these companies may be real but only fraudulent.


    How does Eetherum Bitcoin cash bitcoin mining work with Shape Shift Mining ?
3.1. It's fast and very easy! Once we receive your payment, your contract will be added to your profile and you can immediately start benefiting, free of charge for electricity, in a matter of minutes without any restrictions.


    What contracts do we offer ?

4.1. - 1. BTC Network Connection.


4.2. - 2. ETH Network Connection.

4.3. - 3. BCH Network Connection.


! In the future we plan to add LTC, BCD, EOS, BNB, contracts !

! Our contracts are limited to users for now !


    What is the minimum and maximum purchase of a GH contract ?

5.1. - 1. Min - 10 GH/s.


5.2. - 2. Max - 10000 GH/s.


! Our GHs are limited by our data center network on the network for now !


    What is the maintenance fee with Shape Shift Mining ?

6.1. We have only two maintenance fees from our products.

6.2. Namely, a fee for server maintenance and a fee for the maintenance of our data center.

6.3. For partner data centers, we do not charge any fees from us for free.

6.4. The server maintenance fee is fixed every week.
6.4. Contract - Week fee total 0.00003000 in BTC, in the course ETH, BCH.

6.5. The data center maintenance fee is fixed every month.
6.5. Contract - Month fee total 0.00020000 in BTC, in the course of ETH, BCH.


! We will report each maintenance so you know it will be deducted from your balance !

! We recommend buying a bargain contract in order to keep the fee and make a profit !

! The fee will increase slightly when 2000 users are reached !


    What are the expected returns of Shape Shift Mining ?

7.1. When evaluating the benefits, keep in mind that the extraction and use of our service is subject to a weekly and monthly maintenance fee, so it depends on your monthly profit agreement.


7.2. Mining results Unless there are network problems, the profit is certain, we can not accurately specify the profit, because the more users, the higher the income for all. That is our priority.


7.3. BTC ETH BCH contract purchased: 10 GH.

7.3. - 1. BTC - Day - profit = 0.00002000 BTC.

7.3. - 2. ETH - Day - profit = 0.00065000 ETH.

7.3. - 3. BCH - Day - profit = 0.00070000 BCH.


! Otherwise, the probable profit of the day, week, month, year can be seen when buying a contract, when it is only indicative !


    How is profit rising ?

8.1. Day profit increases if more users are registered and active.



8.1. - 1. 2000 users a day profit higher than   3%.

8.1. - 2. 4000 users a day profit higher than   6%.

8.1. - 3. 6000 users a day profit higher than   9%.

8.1. - 4. 8000 users a day profit higher than  12%.

8.1. - 5. 10000 users a day profit higher than 20%.


! 2000 users profit each will rise to 0.000002 BTC - 3% and also ETH, BCH !


    What bonuses and rewards are expected of Shape Shift Mining ?

9.1. For the purchase of a contract you can get a reward bonus GH.



9.1. - 1. Buy     100 / GH + Bonus    10 / GH.

9.1. - 2. Buy   1000 / GH + Bonus   100 / GH.

9.1. - 3. Buy 10000 / GH + Bonus 1000 / GH.


! You will receive the GH bonus within 48 hours !

! We also prepare bonuses and rewards when you can get a reward in Bitcoin Etherum Bitcoin cash or GH !


      How are the rewards for the Shape Shift Mining affiliate program ?

10.1. Affiliate project has a simple 1 level.


10.2. The reward for referrals comes in the form of funds spent on purchasing power by your referrals. The reward is 20% of the energy purchase by referral.

10.3. Reward for referrals If the same referral is purchased more than once, the reward is still the same 20% of the referral energy purchase, throughout the year of your contract.

10.4. It is also possible to earn referrals without a purchased contract.


! The more users you invite, the more you get !


      What payment systems does the project work with ?

11.1. We work with payment systems: Pay with Coinbase.

11.1. Bitcoin - Bitcoin Cash - Dai - Ethereum - Litecoin - USD Coin.


11.2. We plan for the future with payment systems:

11.2. USD - EUR - RUB - Altcoin.


      What is the minimum deposit amount ?

12.1. Minimum deposit amount: $ 10.

12.1. Bitcoin - Bitcoin Cash - Dai - Ethereum - Litecoin - USD Coin.


      What is the minimum withdrawal amount ?

13.1. Minimum withdrawal amount.


13.1. - 1. Bitcoin            0.00200000 BTC.

13.1. - 2. Ethereum       0.10000000 ETH.

13.1. - 3. Bitcoin Cash   0.10000000 BCH.


      What is the withdrawal fee ?

14.1. Fee amount to withdraw.


14.1. - 1. Bitcoin            0.00100000 BTC.

14.1. - 2. Ethereum       0.01000000 ETH.

14.1. - 3. Bitcoin Cash   0.01000000 BCH.


      How fast are withdrawal requests processed ?

15.1. Verified user KYC.

15.1. Withdrawal requests are processed automatically.


15.2. Unauthenticated user KYC.

15.2. Withdrawal requests are processed manually. The waiting time depends on the number of requests received. The average processing time is several hours. During periods of high load, the waiting time can be extended up to 48 hours.


      Is it possible to buy a hash to distribute power at your discretion ?
16.1. You can add several mining contract currencies at once.


      What is the duration of the contract for purchased energy ?
17.1. The strength of the contract you buy works for 12 months.


      Is it possible to exchange contractual force for another ?

18.1. Yes, but we do this manually for a fee of 0.01 BTC and within one week you will receive the contract you want.


18.2. The fee is charged for work performed in maintenance and adjustment.


      Is it possible to withdraw from the contract ?
19.1. Yes for a fee of 0.01 BTC and within one week you will receive your remaining money to your account and then you can send it to your wallet.


      Contact 12/5 - answers within 48 hours.
20.1. Users are kindly requested to contact us within the account (“Shape Shift Mining”) - (“Support - Ticket Support”) for questions and concerns. And in serious cases - Loss of Password - Thank you for your understanding of the Shape Shift Mining team.