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Take advantage of network cloud mining with maximum levels, security and speed. Customize your performance and currency and pay only for what you need without worrying or risking. Fully replace your investment infrastructure you run and get flexible, maximum yield. When to easily choose altcoin mining according to your needs and requirements and especially without fraud.

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Run a network cloud without worry, don't worry about running and developing your infrastructure and simply rent it based on your needs and requirements.


Take advantage of network cloud and data centers, get unlimited data space, unlimited network performance and all the other benefits that network data center offers.


Manual or automatic payments, choose manual or automatic payouts on your block wallet as a verified or unverified user at your discretion.

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Network connection.

When you place your investments in the shapeshift-mining data center , they stay fully under your management and control. However, you do not have to worry about cooling, physical security of servers, purchasing and installing racks, power, connection, atd.. we'll make all connections quickly for you.

  • Buy 10 USD/GHs - Bitcoin : 0.00002000 BTC - Profit Day.
  • Buy 10 USD/GHs - Etherum : 0.00065000 ETH - Profit Day.
  • Buy 10 USD/GHs - Bitcoin cash : 0.00070000 BCH - Profit Day.

Cloud Mining Plans

$0.10 /GH

Bitcoin - Connection.
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$10.00 /GH

Ethereum - Connection.
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$10.00 /GH

Bitcoin cash - Connection.
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$0.10 /GH

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