7.- 2021-10-01


5. Hello users today and this month we are celebrating 6 months in. We have prepared a bonus for a deposit of 50% - Free 50 GH / s for all contracts, both active and reconstructed. You will receive the bonus within 24 hours of purchasing a new contract.


The offer is valid until :   31.01.2021



6.- 2021-10-01


5. Hello users today and this month we are celebrating 6 months in traffic, when it was already paid today to active 458 users,


Bitcoin - 7.42790012,

Etherum - 4.46888012,

Bitcoin cash - 1.10075791,

Ruble money - 3204.01,

Dogecoin - 2048934.78901122.


Subsequently, questions were gladly answered.


Positive questions - 145

Non - positive questions - 2


Violation of our conditions and blocking the user


Users - 3

1- attack on the system

2- without verification and blame for fraud



When are we further preparing and in development -


1.New contracts - USDT, RDD, TRX, BTG, BTT, BTC2, BSV, GRIN, XLM

2. New contracts - BTC Bitcoin Double Speed


3. Web reviews

4. Company certificate

5. Social networks

6. A publication that pays the user

7. New contracts and cryptocurrencies

8. Promotion

9. Faucet

10. Job offers

11. F2pool Make Money

12. Terminate contracts without giving a reason

13. New video of our farm

14. New payment gateway -






5.- 2020-12-04


5. Hello dear user, we would like to wish you a Merry Christmas and a happy 35% discount on the purchase of all contracts, and we are also online on social networks such as facebook, twiter, vk,, when we continue the perfection of our project Shape Shift Mining.


Promocode :  END


4.- 2020-11-30


4. Hello users, we managed to reduce the purchasing power of Ruble money and Dogecoin, we also reduced the minimum withdrawal of your extracted currencies and also the fee withdrawal for payments. Today we have 623 active users since the launch of our real mining farm, and we are slowly approaching the gain of 1 level.

3.- 2020-11-24


3. Hello, dear user, today we have new messages after a long repair, we have been fully operational since November 25, 2020, and without complications. When during this repair we introduced a new Payeer payment gateway - which supports deposits - Ruble money, Dollar money, Euro money and Cryptocoins. When we also introduced Deposit Bonuses, Referral Bonuses, ADS Bonuses - Promotional Ads, Active User Bonuses and subsequently we also plan a free Faucet ETH and a convenient link in F2pool for net profit for domestic workers and other bonuses in the future.

2.- 2020-08-12


2. On August 12, 2020, we stopped all mining because we found the instability of profit. When we work on repairs and at the same time on new opportunities and bonuses. Thank you for your understanding.

1.- 2020-08-01


1. Hello user, welcome to Shape Shift Mining. On August 1, 2020, we launched a new Shape Shift Mining network connection without fraud and prosperity. As we ensure a stable contract until the end of maturity, when a profit is possible, including a bonus, 250% for the 12 months of your contract. We have created Shape Shift Mining for lasting profit and especially without fraud, when we also want our Shape Shift Mining company to be easily accessible and the best, but we also want to allow investors like you to profit again. Because many companies promise it, but they never keep their promise and you get nothing, and we want to change it so that you never have to worry about whether you can make money again, you will succeed with us because we offer:

1.1. Mining Bitcoins and Altcoins and Ruble money :

1.1.1 Our mining services do not end with bitcoins. We also offer mining in Ethereum, Bitcoin cash, Dogecoin, Ruble money and in the future Litecoin.


1.2. Mining Bitcoins and Altcoins and Ruble money, including exchange rate :

1.1.2. Our mining network connection Shape Shift Mining does not look at the market at a fast rate and therefore the profit is stable and without restrictions, as we also have ancillary mining that serves to protect losses and your contract is insured and subsequently replaced when the algorithm increases.


1.3. Unbeatable contract prices :

1.1.3. Our prices are 99% lower than other cloud mining providers. No cloud mining service is close to our contract prices.


1.4. Unrivaled profit of contracts :

1.1.4. Our mining network connection Shape Shift Mining guarantees the stability of the profit until the end of your purchase contract, you will never hear from us that the profit is declining, rather the opposite will rise.


1.5. Low maintenance fees :

1.1.5. With our optimization and optimal cooling efficiency, we achieve incredible results with very little energy needed in the process for a minimum monthly fee that is fixed / FAQ /, when we will never charge an hourly fee.