1.1. In accordance with the terms of this agreement, the service provider ("Shape Shift Mining") will provide the customer with shares in the mining network interconnection capacity of the service provider, namely:


1.2. Contract on interconnection of network mining capacity
I (hereinafter referred to as the “Customer”) agrees to the following conditions for the provision of mining services (hereinafter referred to as the “Contract”).



1.3. (“Shape Shift Mining”).
1.3.1. Which is registered under the European Guest International connection of Cyprus, which is located at 61 Lordou Vyronos Lumiel 60 Larnaca ,Cyprus.


(“Network Interconnection Service Provider”).


    Payment gate - Current - Future.

2.1. In accordance with the terms of this contract, the service provider shall provide the payment gateway service provider's customer with:

2.2. Bank Payment: ( Headquarters San Francisco, California
Address street Market 548, San Francisco, 941 04, United States of America


2.3. Bank of Payment: ( by Vanuatu based in Suite T19, 1st floor, Tana Russet Plaza, Kumul Highway, Port Vila, Efate, Republic of Vanuatu and FINCANA LIMITED Estonian company based in Viru Valjak 2, Tallinn , Estonia.

2.1. - 2.3. Furthermore, the Service Provider (Shape Shift Mining) is not liable for any damages incurred by the customer as a result of the payment, namely a small payment or a transaction fee.


    In terconnection service.

3.1. The service provider ("Shape Shift Mining") agrees to provide the customer with the production of its mining network interconnected capacity, namely Mbit / s Fast Ethernet to Gbit / s SMA Algorithm in GH / s conversion (hereinafter "Services - Modulation method (internet connection and interconnection).


3.2. "Shape Shift Mining": as agreed between the service provider and the customer and the performance provider from time to time. Bitcoin or other electronic currencies, including performance and maintenance, will oversee the performance and maintenance of the provided contract and payments, including profits, and thus also comply with the contract without fraud and restrictions.


    Time of the contract period.

4.1. The service provider ("Shape Shift Mining") agrees to provide the customer with the production of its mining network capacity, namely the Internet connection and the Internet connection. contract for 1 year from the purchase of the network contract for mining.


4.2.When the Service Provider may terminate this Agreement with immediate effect if the coins generated in the previous 30 days are not sufficient to pay the fee in point (7).


    Advantage of the treaty and amendment.

5.1. The agreement is concluded for a period of 1 year as specified in point (4).


5.2. The Customer of the Services may terminate this Agreement with immediate effect without giving a reason 30 days.


5.3. Or exchange for another service or contract at will, even without giving a reason.


5.4. This is for a fee that will be charged to him ("Shape Shift Mining") depending on a number of factors and a complex disconnection, including the ratio to the time that has elapsed since the beginning of the term divided by the term. When the processing and disconnection or new connection fee will be deducted.



6.1. Reward reduction, the customer acknowledges that the profit received may decrease slightly depending on the number of registered customers because (Shape Shift Mining) is profitability according to the volume of network and data and registered users.


6.2. Reward increase, and if the network and data will be sufficient profit will be increased for all, to sufficient satisfaction.



7.1. Fee as consideration for services the customer undertakes to pay the service provider the amount (hereinafter "fee") according to the purchased contract : In -  Monthly interval, server maintenance fee and data center fees are provided (FAQ).


7.2. * If on any day of maintenance coins generated on one day are not sufficient to pay the fee, the service provider may use coins generated on any day thereafter for such payment with your account.


8.1. Furthermore, the Service Provider (Shape Shift Mining) is not liable for any damages incurred by the customer as a result of force majeure, which will include any disruption or damage to the coin market or exchange rate, as we are not cryptocoin creators.


    Data protection.
9.1. Customer agrees to the processing of its personal data provided in connection with this Agreement for the purpose described in this Agreement and also agrees, until further notice, to the storage of its data after the above period. In the event that the Service Provider is requested to obtain additional data in connection with the provision of its services under this contract, the Customer shall provide without undue delay the relevant data required by the Service Provider and by accepting these conditions the customer declares that all information provided by the customer to the service provider is true and accurate. Any false or fraudulent information and / or use of the Services and / or provided to the Customer is prohibited.



10.1. The customer declares and guarantees to the service provider that he is familiar with mining, cryptocurrencies and especially bitcoins and that he understands the nature and use of mining cryptocurrencies and bitcoins at the company (Shape Shift Mining).


10.2. (“Shape Shift Mining”) declares that it will never deceive the customer and will try to accommodate the provision of a possible contract and services.


      Contact 12/5 - answers within 48 hours.

11.1. Users are kindly requested to contact us within the account (“Shape Shift Mining”) - (“Support - Ticket Support”) for questions and concerns. And in serious cases - Loss of Password - Thank you for your understanding of the Shape Shift Mining team.